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1 Ph.d.student of Social Communication Sciences, Maybod Branch, Islamic Azad University,maybod , Iran.

2 Associate Professor and Faculty Mamber,Department of Social Communication Sciences, Maybod Branch, Islamic Azad University,meybod , Iran.

3 professor of Sociology ,Department of social science,Yazd University,Yazd Iran


With eleven strategic ports, Iran has acquired a large share of commercial, military and passenger shipping in the world; Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate measures for the safety of shipping in this country. This research seeks to empirically analyze the effect of public relations strategies on safe shipping communications. The research method in this study is qualitative and quantitative. In the qualitative section, the interview tool was used, and in this regard, the experts were interviewed until theoretical saturation was reached, and data coding was done using Max QDA software, and the dimensions and components of the qualitative section are as described below. Seafarers' problems, responsibility to stakeholders, management of maritime accidents, crisis management of maritime accidents, protection of interests, demand for seafaring, maritime culture, reduction of seafarers' concerns, seafaring culture and improving the quality of seafarers' education were identified. In the quantitative part, the researcher made a questionnaire tool that was obtained from the qualitative part; After presenting the hypotheses, according to the results of the qualitative section, the research hypotheses were evaluated; And also through SPSS software, the obtained data were analyzed quantitatively. In addition, using linear regression test, the hypotheses were examined and as a result, all research hypotheses were confirmed.


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