The main goal of the Journal of ُSociety, Culture and Media  is to provide an active intellectual environment for national and international researchers to discuss their latest research and findings in the field of cultural studies and communication. Therefore, it is hoped that this publication will contribute to the progress of this field in Iran and the world, and provide solutions to the theoretical and practical problems that prevail in the study of culture and communication. To achieve this goal, we encourage researchers to submit their authoritative and unpublished articles for publication to this journal.

The publication scope of this journal is as follows:

-          Cultural studies

-          Politics, cultural studies, and media

-          The role of the media in today's societies

-          New communication concepts

-          Media as a tool

-          Media discourse

-          Communication styles

-          Media policy making

-          Cyberspace

For better and faster access by researchers and libraries to the latest research findings in this field, the journal gives readers open access to articles. This publication uses the Magiran and Noormags databases to create a distributed archiving system for libraries and individuals. Also, this archiving system allows librarians to have a complete collection of journal articles.