1 Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran

2 Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Kharazmi University of Tehran


Unsafe is a relative thing in terms of environmental and social world and lived experience of different actors. The aim of this study is to analyze the meaning, the lived experiences, backgrounds, causes and consequences of Unsafe women's slums dwellers is the purpose utilizes the methodology of qualitative, grounded theory method, semi-structured interviews with 33 women and purposive sampling Mohammad Abad Located in the south of the city shahriar settlements were interviewed. The collected data is then encoded to interpret the meaning and determine the causal conditions, context and consequences of Unsafe female, categorize and analyze. The results indicate that the 4 types of insecurity (physical, mental, status and moral) women living in slums experience there. As well as personality disorder, disorder of distribution, disorder symbol as causal conditions Illegibility space and reification of the female body as fields and erosion (social and communicative) was discovered as a result of insecurity of women slum dwellers.


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